Pretty chaotic huh?

February 19th 2023

Mood: 😞
Things could be going a bit better, but... I mean, they could also be going a lot worse?

I'm having quite the time lately, between the impending move, lots of birthdays and some personal problems. I also got pretty sick this week, which suuuuuuuucked. (starting to feel better tho!)

Since I had no voice on friday, I had to cancel my Twitch Stream, and it appears that I'll have to cancel my cool Followthon this Tuesday, which is really less than ideal. Honestly, everything has been sucking a little lately and I'm sooooooooooo ready to have things working a bit better omg.

Regarding my comics, I've been working on a... let's call it, the Winery Project (working title) for now. Ideation is going great, but I really need to start getting words on the paper. I was hopeful to have the print version ready by August, but maaaaaan that was not a realistic expation AT ALL. There's so much to be done before I even start drawing the first panels.

Anyways, let's hope for a better week! ( Φ ω Φ )

Juuuuust checking in

February 12th 2023

Mood: 😉
Perx just helped me with some adjustments around here! My sticker collection page is finally up, that's something I've always wanted to somewhat archive, so I'm pretty happy with the results. Since Scylla has been in permanent hiatus, we' ve also taken it out (for now).

I have been working on all sorts of projects lately, but I have pretty clear vision for a mini-comic. Maybe I can bring some concepts here some other time. This one, I hope, will be short and sweet (and much easier to deal with maybe?), no promises tho! With the streams, the move and everything else, things have been pretty chaotic from my side.

This page is fully self indulgent and I wouldn' t want it any other way! It's so great to be able to come here and scream into the void sometimes, I need to do this more often.

Anyways, take care y'all! ( Φ ω Φ )

First time reporting here!

September 9th 2022

Mood: 😴
It took me soooo long to update this blog, july and august were both horrible months. But now I'm trying to get back on the rythm of things and not lose sight of hobbies and things that are important to me.

I also just Tumblr-blazed Scylla, my webcomic, which is the secret actual reason I'm updating this blog finally. It has been Lorem Ipsum since the end of july, but I felt kinda bad sponsoring something so incomplete.

I'm hopeful this won't be my last time updating this site, there's something really relaxing about indie-web blogging tbh. I'm also hopeful we'll be able to add a session for picrews here, just so I can link some of my personal favorites! Some improvements to spice this place up are coming soon, as long as I don't get buried in work from my day job again, of course.

Oh yeah, I'd also like to thank the lovely Perx for basically building this site from the ground up! I would have a hard time remembering my HTML days if i were to do it alone, for sure.

Anyways, take care y'all! ( Φ ω Φ )